Hi there, I'm Bartosz (a.k.a Kot Lasu);
I make pretty neat stuff.

I’m a designer, animator and music producer based in Warsaw, Poland.
My free time is filled with cycling, backpacking, hardware hacking and gaming on handhelds (not necessarily in that order).
Find me on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.

If you’d like to collaborate, have a project in mind or would just want to say “hello”, then reach out via [email protected].


I create Illustrations, 2D animation & I also design stuff. Just see it for yourself.

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I compose, produce've music for short documentaries, fashion shows, commercials & I also release albums.

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I occasionally publish design tips & music production tutorials (because sharing is caring).

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I release sound packs, synth patches & stuff that'll help you design faster.

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Sound Design

Movies / Soundpacks / Workshops

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I release sound packs, patches & tutorials for synthesizers and software. I also teach sound synthesis & sound design. From the love of bending & shaping sound came out Warsoul Experience LP. About 90% of synths & sounds on it were created from field recordings.


Motion Design / 2D Animation / Video Editing

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I'm in love with 2D animation since I was a little kid. This passion naturally evolved into a profession. With a mix of digital & hand drawn animation I create whacky/cute animation that can be seen both in web & TV.


Vector / Ink / Streetart

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When it comes to drawing, my strength lies in cutesty-cartoonish drawings. I usually start on paper, then finish up digitally (in Illustrator or Affinity Designer).

Graphic Design

Digital Marketing / Web / Advertising

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Grids, grids grids 😉 Who doesn't need some good online marketing? Designing banners, mailings and ads is my bread and butter (even if my heart lies with creating animation & music).

Custom Setups

Ableton Live / MaxMSP / Wizardry

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My hardware/software hacking (bending) extends to making custom stage setups for artists such as Arek Kłusowski, Linia Nocna & XXANAXX. I enjoy making one-of-a-kind marriage of machinery that works flawlessly.

Music Production

Beat making / Scoring

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I've scored short documentaries, fashion shows, car commercials, but I release most of my music as Skeleton Smile - it’s a blend of 80s movie scores, crate digging & knob twiddling.

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